COVID-19 Virus Announcement

I wanted to reach out to you about what we are doing here at Families CARE to support you and your community. As the situation around novel coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, we are prioritizing COVID 19 recommended activities on behalf of individuals we serve and our very dedicated staff.  We want to do everything we can to ensure your safety and that of our community!

  • Families CARE is available to assist you in making sure you have the resources needed to educate your kids at home during school closures.  We will stay informed and have current information and recommendations about the virus on our website and facebook page, or you can call your peer support specialist.  Resource list will be sent out soon.
  • If you need help developing a daily schedule or wellness planning for you and your kids at home, please call your peer support provider, we have a lot of ideas!
  • As of Tuesday, March 17, we will temporarily suspend face to face contact in family homes, and community locations such as the public library, or the Families CARE office.  Families CARE peer specialists work with families and youth in numerous counties and go from home to home, and we do not want to inadvertently spread the virus.  This process will be in place through April 3, 2020, at which time we will re-evaluate.
  • Families CARE will continue to provide one on one peer support services for parents & youth through Tele-health (doxy) with their assigned peer support provider.  Work will still be done on goals, family plans, youth futures plans, and wellness & safety planning.  Support and parenting education can still be provided through tele-health or telephonic service delivery.  If a family has court or a team meeting they need support in, please ask.
  • We will look at setting up youth support groups and add some parent support groups meeting through Zoom Video conferencing.  At this time especially, we could all use some support and a listening ear, as well as sharing of ideas and coping strategies – so let’s support each other!
  • Later this month, we are hoping to offer some Active Parenting training via tele-health or Zoom.  This is an evidence-based program which offers new ways to help families survive and thrive in our changing world.   Watch the Families CARE website, and Facebook page for details.  

As always, please call your assigned peer support provider with any concerns, or just to talk or seek some support during these challenging times.

In addition, if you have questions, or need to make a referral, please email [email protected], or feel free to call Karla Bennetts, 308-991-6099

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